The final round of the Student Poster Competition is announced.

16 outstanding posters have made it to the final round of the Student Poster Competition at OCEANS 2024 Singapore. These posters delve into a diverse array of topics, spanning from advancements in underwater communications and autonomous underwater vehicles to applications of deep learning. Representing diverse regions across the globe including the Asia-Pacific, Americas, and Europe, the presenters and their remarkable works are as follows:

16 Finalists


Feature-based Global Localization for Underwater Terrain Aided Navigation using Bag of Words Qianyi Zhang
3D Detection and Tracking of Mooring Lines of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Sehwa Chun
Channel Model for Massive MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications Thomas Chové
Design, Simulation, and Experiments of an Underwater Dredging Robot Xu Zhang
Underwater Target Detection based on Magnetic Gradient Tensor Yipeng Meng
Cross-medium Communication Combining Infrared Optical and Acoustic Waves Jingyu Qian
Fractional Fourier Transform Based Channel Estimation in Underwater Acoustic Communications Jeffrey Fulei Shao
Investigation of Three-Dimensional Sound Field Horizontal Refraction in Heterogeneous Topography Xiao Feng
Design and Testing of an Amphibious Cycloidal Propeller Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Jonathan Quocnam Lephuoc
A Guidance Method for A Small Unmanned Surface Vehicle Wireless Charging Chia-Cheng Hsu
Development of Desktop-Size Marine Swarm Research Platform Jinzhi Cai
A Distributed "Any-Communication" Task Allocation Approach to Information-based Planning Underwater Shashank Swaminathan
Segmentation of Multibeam Echosounder Bathymetery and Backscatter Jeremy Paul Coffelt
Basic Study of Deep Learning Based Efficient Hermit Crabs Detection From Drone-captured Images Fan Zhao
Global Significant Wave Height Retrieval From Spaceborne GNSS-R Using Transformers Xin Qiao
UPAD: A Large-Scale Passive Sonar Benchmark Dataset for Vessel Detection and Classification John Fischer

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