As the oceanic community eagerly anticipates the OCEANS 2024 conference in Singapore, there’s an exciting prelude that demands attention – the Singapore AUV Challenge (SAUVC).

Co-organized by the IEEE OES Singapore Chapter and supported by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Polytechnic, SAUVC isn’t just a competition; it’s a celebration of autonomous underwater robotics and innovation.

What is SAUVC?

SAUVC held this year from April 5-8 at Singapore Polytechnic, challenges teams from around the world to build Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) capable of undertaking simulated operational tasks in a confined water body. Think of it as the Formula 1 of underwater robotics, where speed and precision are key.

It also provides mentorship and networking opportunities, knowledge exchanges to building connections.

Statistics that Speak Volumes

8 Years: SAUVC has been pushing the boundaries of innovation for eight years.
20 Countries: Participants and mentors from all corners of the globe.
103 AUVs: Diverse teams with various AUV designs.
0 Controls: Fully autonomous – a testament to the cutting-edge technology showcased.

For more details about SAUVC and to stay updated on the latest developments, check out their official website and YouTube channel.